Arizona Senate President Warren Petersen Promises Legal Action Against Biden’s Land Grab

Arizona Senate President Warren Petersen (R-Gilbert) promises to take legal action against President Joe Biden’s “extreme government overreach” of seizing almost a million acres of land from Coconino and Mohave Counties to designate as a new national monument near the Grand Canyon.

According to Petersen, Republicans “Will use all legal options available to protect Arizona from this unacceptable and unconstitutional dictator-style land grab.”

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Arizona Senate Could Take Action After Biden Ties Federal Funds for School Lunches to Trans Ideology

After the Biden administration’s newly-unveiled plan to tie federal funding for school lunches to transgender and other gender ideology was recently revealed, the Arizona Senate could take action to protect the state’s school children. 

“As our Senate leadership team continues to negotiate a budget with the House and the Governor’s Office, they may consider leaving some wiggle room that would allow financial support for school meals,” Kim Quintero, Director of Communications of the Arizona State Senate told The Arizona Sun Times. “They may also consider pushing legal action against the Biden Administration for this ludicrous plan. At this point, all options are on the table, and these are conversations our members will be having in the coming weeks.”

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