Senator Marsha Blackburn: Biden Is a Lame-Duck President in His First Year

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) mocked President Joe Biden’s inability to advance key priorities of his administration, awarding him the “lame-duck” title often given to presidents in the final year of their term.

In an interview with “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News, Blackburn pointed out that Biden has watched over multiple domestic and foreign policy failures.

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Jim Jordan Lobbies Lame Duck Congress to Fund Trump’s Border Wall

by Nick Givas   Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said the GOP has failed to keep its campaign promises and told Congress to fund President Donald Trump’s border wall on Fox & Friends Wednesday. “What was the single biggest promise we made the American people in 2016 that we have not got done yet? Building the border security wall and securing the border,” Jordan said. “We should be focused on that one main thing over the next several weeks as we still have a few weeks left while Republicans control all of government. We should focus on the biggest promise we made them and what they sent us here to do. Plain and simple.” “Why did we lose in the fist place? I mean two years ago the American people elected President Trump to come to this town to shake it up and he has done just that. But I don’t think they’ve seen this same intensity from House Republicans,” he added. Jordan said Republicans would have won more midterm races and could have retained the House if they had stuck to the agenda that propelled Trump to the White House. “Did we replace Obamacare? Did we reform welfare?…

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Commentary: No Wall, No House, No Surprise

by Natalia Castro   Republicans would have loved to win the House last night, but unfortunately, they did not deserve it, as they lost at least 26 seats and more likely 30 or so. After failing to solve our countries immigration problem time and time again, it should not be surprising that voters were not enthused to head to the polls on Tuesday. Now with a Democratic House ready to take power in 2019, the lame duck is now perhaps the last chance to get the wall built and if Republicans want a chance in 2020 this must be their focus. President Donald Trump requested $25 billion to fund a defensive wall along the U.S. Southern border. In his first two years in office, with a Republican majority in Congress, only $1.6 billion has been allocated to fund this wall. While Trump has optimistically called this a “down payment” with full funding coming in the near future, that funding has yet to materialize — and the Republican voters knew it. The truth is, House Republicans had ample opportunity to prove to the American people that building the wall is not just a rallying cry, but an actual policy objective. Republicans…

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