Media Focus on Driver Who Hit Agitator During Louisville ‘Protest’ That Led to 17 Arrests

A small but chaotic protest in Louisville, Kentucky, last Wednesday led to seventeen arrests, five cars towed, and one confiscated gun, but for some reason, the local media initially focused like a laser beam on a panicked woman in a car that struck a “protester.”

Louisville has seen unrest since May 28 over the shooting of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, a unarmed black woman killed by police during a shootout in her apartment. The incident happened during a no-knock raid for drugs in her apartment on March 13.

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Louisville Police Chief Fired in Aftermath of Fatal Shooting

Louisville’s police chief was fired Monday after the mayor learned that officers involved in a shooting that killed the popular owner of a barbecue spot failed to activate body cameras during the chaotic scene.

David McAtee, known for offering meals to police officers, died early Monday while police officers and National Guard soldiers were enforcing a curfew amid waves of protests over a previous police shooting in Kentucky’s largest city. Police said they were responding to gunfire from a crowd.

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Report: Rick Pitino Expects Louisville to Fire Him Due to FBI Investigation of Fraud and Corruption in NCAA Basketball

Rick Pitino reportedly informed his assistant coaches and basketball staff that he expects to be fired as head coach at Louisville. Pitino, according to ESPN and Yahoo Sports, said in a statement he was not aware of the fraud and corruption charges that brought the FBI to the campus as…

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Louisville Black Lives Matter Organizer Asks White People To Give Up Homes

  An organizer for the Louisville chapter of Black Lives Matter has published an expletive-laced list of “10 requests” for white people, which includes asking white people who can afford to downsize to give up their homes. “White people, if you can afford to downsize, give up the home you…

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