Police Protection Under Marsy’s Law Heads to Florida Supreme Court

Florida Supreme Court Building

A lawsuit filed by two police officers after separate use-of-force incidents claiming that they are entitled to protection under Florida’s recently-adopted Marsy’s Law Constitutional amendment will head to the state Supreme Court for a decision. 

“A three-judge panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal last month sided with two Tallahassee police officers, who argued that, as victims, they were entitled to privacy protections included in Marsy’s Law,” WFSU reported. 

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Abbreviated Tennessee General Assembly This Year Delays Consideration of Crime Victim Law

Tennessee General Assembly members will apparently wait another year before they consider Marsy’s Law for Tennessee, which, according to advocates, would strengthen the rights of crime victims in Tennessee’s State Constitution.

Advocates for the law said this week that members of the legislature have postponed considering the law. This, because COVID-19 forced legislators to shorten this year’s session. Marsy’s Law advocates said this in an emailed press release.

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