Maury County Public Schools Propose $5,000 Signing Bonus for Special Education Teachers

On October 19th, a proposal that would give newly employed Special Education Teachers a $5,000 signing bonus was introduced to the Maury County School Board. The proposal was introduced by Lisa Ventura, Director of Special Programs at Maury County Public Schools.

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Maury County Superintendent Proposes $448 Bonus for All Educational Staff Instead of 2 Percent Raise for Only BEP Staff

Maury County educators not qualified to receive the statewide pay raise, may still receive a bonus of their own. Maury County Public Schools (MCPS) Superintendent Michael Hickman proposed an additional local expenditure of $353,750 to supplement a one-time bonus for those left out of Governor Bill Lee’s special session teacher pay raise. 

Hickman’s proposal was presented during the MCPS Board of Education work session on Tuesday, in a discussion item referred to as a “salary funding bonus.” All board members expressed their support of the idea. Vice Chair Bettye Kinser called it an “equitable” solution.

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