Poll: 64 Percent of Americans Say Being Transgender Not Healthy, 72 Percent Oppose Teaching Sexual Identity-Based Curriculum in Elementary School

A wide-ranging poll on the issues surrounding gender ideology and sexual identity has found nearly two-thirds of Americans believe transgenderism is not healthy, while 72 percent say schools should not teach elementary school-age children about sexual identity and sexual behavior.

Summit Ministries, which provides education and curriculum resources that promote a biblical worldview, and renowned polling firm McLaughlin and Associates released results of the national poll Tuesday, one that surveyed 1,000 likely general election voters nationwide between April 22-26.

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Commentary: McLaughlin Poll Warning for GOP – Back the Trump Agenda or Face Defeat in 2018

  by ConservativeHQ.com Staff   Last week we told you about a recent poll by respected pollster John McLaughlin which showed that, in spite of Leftwing attacks on freedom of speech, Americans overwhelming support the First Amendment and freedom of thought and speech. But as our friend Dr. Timothy Daughtry…

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