Commentary: Faith’s Proven Role in Overcoming Mental Illness

Therapy Session

by Carrie Sheffield   “There is an important body of conservative thought that is now nearly or completely absent on the faculties of many eminent universities,” former Harvard University President Derek Bok wrote in Harvard Magazine following Hamas’ terrorist attacks Oct. 7 in Israel and the ensuing campus chaos. He recommends “some immediate progress by trying to hire conservatives as visiting professors or lecturers while also encouraging conservative students with ability to consider embarking on an academic career,” Bok wrote. One area sorely needing hiring changes is mental health care. A profound mismatch exists between proven treatments for mental illness and the worldview of practitioners. Robust scientific evidence correlates faith and religious practice with strengthening mental health and preventing suicide and drug and alcohol overdoses. A faith-based worldview, often correlated with what society deems “conservative” or “traditional” religious values, is highly underrepresented among psychiatrists. For example, psychiatrists ranked 23rd among 24 medical specialists in their low propensity for Republican Party registration—far below the general population, Yale researchers reported. The religious composition of the mental health industry doesn’t mirror the United States. Similar trends can be seen across elite media and Hollywood. This is creating massive cultural blind spots—including in the treatment of mental health. This is why we are getting the “Bad Therapy” identified…

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Gender Doctor Says Parents Who Oppose Transitioning Their Kid Have ‘Mental Illness’

Harriette Wimms

Psychologist Dr. Harriette Wimms told attendees at a medical training summit in 2022 that parents who do not affirm their child’s gender identity have a “mental illness,” according to audio obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The discussion took place at the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) 27th annual training symposium in Montreal, Canada, on Sept. 17, 2022. Wimms, clinical director for The Village Family Support Center of Baltimore, suggested in a WPATH lecture on autism that parents who don’t affirm their children’s decisions are “transphobic” and have a “mental illness,” according to audio obtained in a public records request.

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Ohio to Spend $20M to Study Depression, Suicide, Overdoses

Ohio plans to spend $20 million in taxpayer funds over the next 10 years to study the causes of depression, suicide and drug overdoses.

The research initiative, conducted with Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine, along with several stat universities, is expected to study the role of biological, psychological, and social factors that underlie what officials call an epidemic.

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Metro Nashville Council Member Jeff Eslick Exposes Shocking Drop in Law Enforcement Downtown

Metro Nashville Council Member Jeff Eslick joined The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy on Thursday to detail his discoveries into the precipitous drop in law enforcement and its effect on the state of public safety downtown on the heels of the city announcing the Hermitage homeless encampment will be taken down in January.

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Medical School Professor Exposed as Urging Parents to Adopt Gender Ideology ‘At Birth or Even Before’

A video has surfaced in which Albert Einstein College of Medicine Assistant Professor Dr. Lauren Roth is heard telling an interviewer that parents must adopt gender ideology even before their baby is born because young children can be “gender expansive,” meaning they “may not necessarily follow the social norms of gender.”

The video, found by Fox News, actually aired in June 2021, during “pride month” of that year, and only garnered 209 views at the time. Roth appeared as a guest on OPEN Tuesday at BronxNet, which provides community access productions for residents of Bronx, New York.

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NBC News Uses Nashville Christian School Murders to Incite Sympathy for Transgenders

NBC News published a report that appeared to use the horrific murders of three children and three adults at the hands of a transgender shooter to draw sympathy for transgender individuals with claims of “widespread fear” by “members of the LGBTQ community in Nashville” who say they received death threats in the wake of the shooting.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a former student at the Christian Covenant School, stormed into the school last week, killing three nine-year-old children and three adults before she was shot and killed by police.

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Tennessee to Distribute Nearly $15 Million of State Funds to Support Housing Projects for People with Mental Illnesses

The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS) recently announced its intent to distribute approximately $15 million in state funds to local community agencies and organizations that will provide housing for Tennesseans living with behavioral health challenges, recovering from addiction or re-entering society from prison.

The funding, according to TDMHSAS, will be distributed by the department’s Creating Homes Initiative (CHI) to “grantees to develop safe, quality and affordable permanent supportive housing opportunities in the communities they serve.”

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State Senator Nancy Barto Calls for Arizona State Hospital Overhaul Following Patient Attack on Nurses

Arizona State Sen. Nancy Barto (R-Phoenix) called for an overhaul in the Arizona State Hospital (ASH), a psychiatric care facility, to better protect nurses and patients and create stronger accountability.

“While the Arizona Department of Health Services [AZDHS] claims this incident was a rare occurrence, I’ve been contacted over the years by numerous courageous whistleblowers from within the system that have provided disturbing testimony on the many dangerous incidents, injuries, patient conditions and the lack of staffing that has led to what I see as a collapse of operations at the Arizona State Hospital,” said Barto.

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Catholic Cultural Watchdog Group: Five Reasons We Have Mass Shootings

The president of a Catholic organization that keeps watch on the national culture writes in the wake of the Uvalde school massacre such mass shootings are likely to continue largely because the race and gun-obsessed establishment media are so politically entrenched they “are looking in all the wrong places” for potential remedies for the real causes of these tragedies.

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Naomi Judd Cause of Death Was a Self-Inflicted Firearm Wound, Family Reveals

Naomi Judd, the legendary country music singer, died of a self-inflicted firearm wound, the musician’s family revealed.

The matriarch of the Judd family battled with depression and mental illness, as her daughter Ashley noted in an interview with Diane Sawyer on “Good Morning America” that it is “important to make the distinction between the loved one and the disease.”

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On Crime, Drugs, Mental Illness, Pennsylvania Local Authorities See a Resource Problem

A Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee hearing on crime and public safety dwelled on two issues: the need for more funding and officers to address crime, and the lack of mental health support for struggling people.

Two panels spoke to a number of Republican senators; one comprised local law enforcement officers and the other a state judge, public defender, and district attorney.

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Analysis: Progressive Myths About Mass Shootings and Weapons of War

Within a week of blaming “white supremacy” for the murder of six Asian and two white women by a white man in Georgia, progressives are now blaming “assault weapons” for a mass shooting in which a Trump-hating Muslim immigrant with a history of violence, mental illness, and racial animus gunned down 10 white people in a Boulder, Colorado supermarket.

Beyond the duplicity of highlighting race only when the killer is white and the victims are not, progressive lawmakers, activists, and journalists are using a litany of falsehoods in an attempt to ban common semi-automatic guns used for home defense and hunting.

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Gov. Bill Lee Silent on Report His Decision Allows Federal Government to Send Middle East Refugees to Tennessee That Australia Has Refused

Gov. Bill Lee’s decision on December 18 to say yes to more refugees in Tennessee allows the federal government to resettle refugees from any country it wants into the state, including an estimated 300 to 720  refugees from Middle East countries that the government of Australia has refused to accept.

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