Metro Nashville Public Schools Issues Warning Over ‘TikTok Challenge’

Person holding phone on TikTok social media app

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) sent a letter to all parents in order to address current “challenges” on the popular video app TikTok.

The apparent “challenges,” which schools officials have spoken out against, have led to theft and damages in schools across the country.

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Police Arrest 4, Cite 42 in Nashville Over Weekend for Violating Mask Mandates

Nashville Metro police arrested 4 people and cited 42 others for violating mask mandates over the weekend on Broadway.

The police wrote 20 citations on Friday, 18 on Saturday, and four on Sunday. One arrest was made Friday, and three were made Saturday.

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Metro Nashville Council Wants Federal Government to Grant Citizenship to All of City’s Illegal Immigrants So They Don’t Have to Fear Anymore

The Metro Nashville Council is telling President Donald Trump and Congress that it wants them to give Music City’s illegal immigrants citizenship.

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