Nashville Party Buses Facing New Legislation

Downtown Nashville’s popular party bus services are set to face new rules issued by the Metro Council and Mayor John Cooper. One of the main effects of the new lawsuit, signed October 19th, is that alcohol will no longer be allowed on the busses, starting December 1st. Another change for the ‘transportainment ‘ is that starting April of 2022, the party busses will be regulated by Metro’s Transportation Licensing Commission. 

In the Substitute Ordinance that Metro released after the meeting, it states that the reason behind the new regulation is that, “the Metropolitan Council is concerned that a continued failure to regulate entertainment transportation vehicles will permanently erode the cultural character of Nashville’s neighborhoods that has made the city a vibrant and enjoyable place to live, work, and visit.”

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UPDATE: Taxpayer Protection Act Attorney Jim Roberts Reveals the Desperation of Metro to Prevent the Referendum From Coming to a Vote

Friday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act attorney Jim Roberts to the show to discuss how Metro is doing everything it can to suppress the voting rights of 27,000 Nashvillians.

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Minneapolis Citizens Desensitized to Crime: Uber Driver Footage Inside Look at Metro’s Reality

Two Minneapolis citizens appear desensitized to their city’s worsening crime in a viral video of a downtown shootout early Sunday morning. The Uber driver’s dash cam recorded the incident.
The interaction between the female passenger and Uber driver is calm despite the violence occurring in front of them.

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