Amazon Announces $10.6 Million Investment to Create Affordable Housing in Nashville

Amazon will invest $10.6 million to help build and renovate more than 130 affordable homes in Nashville, the company announced Wednesday. Amazon is working in partnership with the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) and supporting the social work of the local nonprofit CrossBridge Inc.

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Controversial Nashville Agency Might Get A Leash Put Around its Neck


A Nashville Metro Council member wants to rein in the city’s Metro Development Housing Authority. As reported, the MDHA has vast powers and gives real estate developers millions of dollars in incentives to build in ritzy areas of town. Many of those details aren’t public record. This process, Tax Increment…

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Tourist Heavy Nashville Development Might Get Money Meant for Blighted Areas


A tax incentive normally designated for heavily blighted areas might go to a new development not in a poor and underserved part of Nashville but instead in and around one of the city’s most popular destinations. The developers behind the new office, retail, and residential development at the corner of…

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