Fourteen Nashville Businesses Cited for Not Complying with Health Orders

Health officials in Tennessee have cited 14 Nashville businesses including a restaurant owned by singer Kid Rock for not complying with coronavirus public health orders.

Metro Public Health Department Director Michael Caldwell visited Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk & Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse on Saturday after receiving a complaint, news outlets reported, citing a statement from the health department. Caldwell issued a citation “for serving people that were seated at the bar and for not observing proper social distancing inside the establishment.”

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Nashville Health Department to Continue Sharing COVID-19 Patient Data with Law Enforcement

The Metro Public Health Department in Nashville will still provide COVID-19 patient information to first responders and law enforcement.

Metro Public Health Director Michael Caldwell said the practice is “temporary,” but that it’s working, WPLN reported Thursday.

“This is an emergency,” he says. “This is critical, timely, life-saving information that has reduced and contained the spread of this disease within our medical institutions and within our jails. I’m puzzled by why the state reversed course.”

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About 400 Complaints Lodged Against Nashville Businesses During COVID-19 Reopening, City Official Says

Nashville officials have received 400 complaints about businesses since the city entered Phase One of its planned reopening after COVID-19, Metro Public Health Director Michael Caldwell said at a press conference Monday.

“Most of these complaints are about employees not wearing facial coverings properly. We are following up with each one of these businesses. What we are finding out is that a lot of these businesses just didn’t really understand the rules. We will continue our education and observations this week, if we find that, after we have already communicated with a business, that they continue to not be in compliance then we will start fining,” Caldwell said.

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