Asian Carp Renamed ‘Copi’, Taxpayers Foot $600,000 Rebrand

Federal taxpayers spent $600,000 to rebrand the Asian carp, hoping that people will eat their way out of the potential – and some experts say inevitable – Asian Carp invasion into the Great Lakes. 

The federal Great Lakes Restoration fund paid for the five-year plan to rename Asian carp “Copi.”

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Seven Governors Ask Feds for Dam Funding to Stop Asian Carp

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the bipartisan Council of Great Lakes Governors asked federal leaders to fund the Brandon Road Lock and Dam in the 2022 Water Resources Reform and Development Act to prevent invasive Asian carp from entering Michigan’s water.

 “The Great Lakes are the beating heart of Michigan’s economy, and we are taking action to put Michigan first and protect the Great Lakes,” Whitmer said in a statement. “By funding the Brandon Road Lock and Dam, we can protect local economies and key, multi-billion-dollar industries that support tens of thousands of jobs including fishing and boating. I am proud that my fellow Great Lakes governors from both parties and I are coming together to continue uplifting our economies, build the Brandon Road Lock and Dam, and keep invasive carp out.”  

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Upper Peninsula Legislators Protest Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ Early Termination of Dickinson County Mining Lease

Two Upper Peninsula legislators are protesting the Michigan Department of Natural Resources scuttling of a plan to repurpose a dormant mine in the Upper Peninsula’s Dickinson County.

Sen. Ed McBroom, R-Waucedah Twp., and Rep. Brett LaFave, R-Iron Mountain, issued statements in response to the DNR’s determination to terminate a lease with Saucon Minerals for a project located at the Groveland Mine.

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