Victor Davis Hanson Commentary: Here Come the Bad Old Days

There is no end of history. Instead, civilization is a constant fight to embrace what has worked for the common good through the ages – and to reject what in the past has failed abysmally.

Bad and bankrupt ideas, protocols, and ideologies – like McCarthyism, communism, various cults, or fascism – resurface not because of their intrinsic or lasting value or record of success, but because civilizations become less vigilant and allow human vanities, ignorance, arrogance, and evil to reassert themselves.

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Sartell School District’s English Homework Includes ‘Microaggression’ Worksheet

Homework for an English class, assigned to 9th graders in the Sartell school district, included a microaggression worksheet. Kids Over Politics 748 obtained the curriculum in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filed in the school district and have been posting different aspects of the curriculum on Facebook to share with concerned parents and citizens.

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Stanford University Hiring Microaggression and Implicit Bias Staffer for Medicine School

Stanford University is hiring an employee to teach its medical school faculty about microaggressions and implicit bias, according to a Monday report. The university is hiring a “Manager of Inclusion and Culture Strategy” to host social justice trainings for its medical school faculty, as well as investigate and emphasize diversity…

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