Mexico Claims Funding for Migrant Caravans Came from Some Accounts in U.S.

  The Mexican government recently claimed that some funding for the “illicit support of migrant caravans” came from individuals within the United States. In a June 6 press release, Mexico’s Finance and Tax Secretariat announced that it has “blocked the bank accounts of various individuals and corporations that allegedly participated…

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Reports: Mexican Gov. Official Says MS-13 Infiltrated Caravans Headed for US


by Peter Hasson   Mexican authorities have found members of the violent gang MS-13 among migrant caravans headed towards the United States, multiple Mexican media outlets quoted a high-ranking government official as saying. Enrique Cárdenas del Avellano, the Ministry of Interior’s northeastern regional delegate, said that authorities have deported some…

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Commentary: The Aiding and Abetting of Migrant Caravans

by Hector Garza   The crisis at the southern border is no accident. It’s the intentional result of deliberate efforts by liberal activists to encourage illegal immigration on a massive scale. Right now, the “mother of all caravans” is reportedly forming in Central America, with the Mexican government predicting that…

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