America’s Founding Biblical Values Can Heal Nation from Racial Strife, Conservative Clergy of Color Tells Christian Leaders

America’s biblical founding values can peacefully resolve the racial strife present in today’s culture, Bishop Aubrey Shines, chairman of Conservative Clergy of Color, said Saturday.

Shine delivered his remarks at the inaugural Get Louder Faith Summit at Liberty University’s Falkirk Center in Lynchburg, Virginia. The summit addressed the issues dividing the nation and how to fight back based on America’s founding Judeo-Christian values.

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Mike Huckabee Commentary: Coverage of Tragic Attacks Proves the Mainstream Media Are Not Objective Reporters, They Are Democrat Party Press Releases

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The New York Times just showed the world that it is no longer a legitimate media outlet; the “newspaper of record” is now a full-blown mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. It’s why I usually refer to them as “The New York Slimes.”

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Mike Huckabee Endorses Randy Boyd For Tennessee Governor

Mike Hukabee

Conservative former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has endorsed Republican candidate Randy Boyd for governor of Tennessee. Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, made the announcement in a television ad Friday, the Boyd campaign announced. “Huckabee, a notable voice for the conservative movement, is throwing his support behind Randy as a…

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Mike Huckabee Endorses Evangelist Scott Dawson for Alabama Governor

Mike Huckabee has endorsed evangelist Scott Dawson in his bid for the Republican nomination for governor of Alabama. The former Arkansas governor and two-time presidential candidate announced his support for Dawson on the “Rick and Bubba” radio program. “I am so grateful to Mike for the advice, counsel and prayers…

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Mike Huckabee Meets Heartland in Nashville Show

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee — Mike Huckabee went before a studio audience Friday evening at Trinity Music City to tape his first show for the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). And what a show it was. The debut kicked off with Huckabee speaking with President Trump in the White House in a pre-recorded…

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Mike Huckabee Says That Trump Should Send Maxine Waters to North Korea So Kim Jong-un Will Kill Himself

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has mostly moved out of the spotlight these days, but he often manages to draw attention on Twitter when he blasts out jokes to his 688,000 followers. Huckabee is a firm Trump supporter and makes a habit of criticizing Democrats and the ‘swamp’ of Washington,…

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