At Least Seven Bloomberg Offices Have Been Vandalized

At least seven Michael Bloomberg campaign offices have been vandalized in February with messages the campaign says mirror the rhetoric of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Campaign offices in Chicago, Ohio and Michigan have been spray-painted with messages such as “racist oligarch fuck Bloomberg,” “corporate pig” and “eat the rich” over the past two weeks, NBC News reported.

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Commentary: Self-Made American Oligarch ‘Mini’ Mike Bloomberg and His Leveraged Buyout of the Democrat Party

The term “oligarch” derives from the Ancient Greek oligarkhia, meaning “the rule of the few.” Such power structures allow a very small number of persons to control the vast mass of people. Regimes of that nature were not uncommon during feudal times in medieval Europe and in earlier primitive settings.

They more recently predominated during the Russian privatization of the 1990s, when “businessmen” quickly acquired huge wealth in post-Soviet states. Such kleptocracy led to considerable crime and instability in the East. The new superrich “czars” came to buy celebrity status on the Riviera, in Knightsbridge, and New York City. Their mega-yachts still clog harbors and their Maybachs, fancy five-star hotels and casinos, wherever they frequent.

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