Belmont University Professor Criticized Rocketown for Allowing Conservative Event Featuring John Rich and Tomi Lahren

Prior to Turning Point USA Nashville’s Debate Watch Party on Thursday, Belmont University’s College of Theology Assistant Professor David Dark criticized Rocketown for allowing conservatives to speak there.

In a Facebook post, Dark asked his peers to persuade Rocketown to “rethink the decision to host an event like this.”

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CONSTITUTION DAY: 917 Society Members Hope Greater Knowledge of the U.S. Constitution Can Remedy Nation’s Ills

Members of the Tennessee-based 917 Society celebrated Constitution Day Thursday, and some speakers expressed optimism that more widespread knowledge of the U.S. Constitution can help overcome this country’s current divisions.

917 Society members gathered at the Elks Lodge in Franklin.

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During Nashville Luncheon, American Bible Project Organizers Say Our Founders Were Men of Faith

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — Tennessee residents overseeing an effort to donate Aitken Bibles to the state’s elementary, middle, and high schools held their inaugural luncheon at a Nashville restaurant on Saturday.

American Bible Project founder Stephen Skelton said the date of the event, September 12, held significance.

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Nashville Physician Ming Wang Oversees New Initiative to Donate Bibles to Public Schools for Secular, Historical Context

Nashville physician Ming Wang is overseeing a new initiative to donate Aitken Bibles to the libraries and history departments of elementary, middle and high schools throughout Tennessee.

“We are not putting this Bible in schools as a piece of religious teaching,” Wang told The Tennessee Star Tuesday.

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917 Society Members Celebrate Holidays with Big Plans for 2019

NASHVILLE, Tennessee–Members of the 917 Society Founders Club held a holiday party at the Nashville offices of physician Ming Wang Tuesday. As reported, the 917 Society exists to improve constitutional literacy among Tennessee eighth graders. And because of the 917 Society, every eighth-grader in Tennessee gets a copy of the…

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917 Society Celebrates Constitution Day in Tennessee at Residence of Dr. Ming Wang

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — The Republic still stands exactly 231 years to the day after the Founding Fathers signed the U.S. Constitution. But, as Michael Patrick Leahy, editor in chief of The Tennessee Star said Monday at an event emceed by State Senator Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield), “Constitutional literacy is pretty low…

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Nick Clooney Helps Tennesseans Promote Constitution at 917 Society Benefit

FRANKLIN, Tennessee — Most all Tennessee schoolchildren know at least a little about the U.S. Constitution, but members and supporters of the 917 Society say there’s more to be done to help students understand its background and importance. The Nashville area nonpartisan group held a benefit Tuesday evening at the Franklin…

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Dr. Ming Wang Encourages Vanderbilt Students To Learn About And Invest In China

Tennessee Star

Renowned Nashville eye doctor Ming Wang spoke to Vanderbilt students Friday about his life and work and recent appointment as CEO of U.S. operations for an eye hospital chain in China. The appointment is the latest in Wang’s 15-year relationship with Aier Eye Hospital, the largest private eye group in…

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