Metro Nashville Public Schools Amends Discipline Policy

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) adjusted its discipline policies for the upcoming school to all first-time violent offenders to avoid expulsion by enrolling in a five-hour anger management course.

The new program was first introduced to MNPS principals two weeks ago as the First Time Violent Offender Program. The district has since changed the name and now refers to the initiative as the First Time Behavior Support Program.

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Metropolitan Nashville Board of Education Rejects Three Amended Charter School Applications

The Metropolitan Nashville Board of Public Education (MNBPE) School Board rejected the applications of three new charter school start-ups on Tuesday. Pathways in Education, Invictus, and Nashville Collegiate Prep were looking to open up new schools in Nashville.

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MNPS Board Updates Policy to Align with New State Law on Students’ Participation in School Activities

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) School Board members on Tuesday considered several district policy revisions mandated by changes in state law. Three amended policies required parental permission for student participation in school clubs, school surveys, and certain health screenings.

State law passed this last session, includes new options for parents/guardians regarding certain extracurricular activities and district actions. Specifically, this new law: (1) requires parents/guardians to opt in before their minor child joins a school club or participates in the activities of a club; (2) requires parents/guardians to opt in, rather than opt-out before a student under 18 participates in a non-instructional survey, analysis, or evaluation; and (3) gives parents/guardians the ability to opt-out of health screenings conducted as part of the coordinated school health program.

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MNPS to Purchase 3,300 Shelter in Place Emergency Preparedness Backpacks

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) has committed to the purchase of 3,300 shelter-in-place backpacks at a cost not to exceed $427,905. Officially known as “Complete Shelter in Place Emergency Preparedness Backpacks”, they are designed to ensure schools are prepared should students need to shelter in place as a result of a  variety of emergency situations.

At last week’s board meeting, the MNPS school board committed to the purchase of the bags for the upcoming school year. 

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Republican School Board Candidate Kelli Phillips: ‘Our Kids Are Carrying the Weight of COVID, and It’s Not Okay’

Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report, host Leahy welcomed Republican school board candidate for District Four, Kelli Phillips to the newsmakers line to discuss her Democratic challengers and why she’s running.

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Metro Nashville School Board Candidate for District Four, Kelli Phillips Talks Why She’s Running and Her First Priority

Two girls running down a hill wearing face masks

Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report, host Leahy welcomed Metro Nashville School Board candidate Kelli Phillips for District Four to the newsmaker line to discuss her first priority and why she’s running.

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Parents, Educators Dispute over Critical Race Theory, Wit and Wisdom Curriculum at Metro Nashville Public Schools Board Meeting

Parents and educators debated over the Wit and Wisdom curriculum and critical race theory during the Metro Nashville Public Schools’ (MNPS) board meeting on Tuesday.

The room was filled with individuals, 60 of which had signed up to speak. Not all of the public commentary concerned the Wit and Wisdom curriculum or critical race theory – but the dialogue that did focus on those two topics was equally, deeply divided. A total of 10 individuals spoke in favor of critical race theory and the Wit and Wisdom curriculum; 3 spoke against it.

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