Ohio Law Codifies Doctors’ Rights to Refuse Service

A provision Ohio’s latest budget bill, which was recently passed, gives doctors the right to refuse service to potential patients on religious and moral grounds.

“This simply puts in statute what the practice has been anyways,” Gov. Mike DeWine (R) reportedly said. “Let’s say the doctor is against abortion, the doctor is not doing abortion. If there’s other things that maybe a doctor has a conscience problem with, it gets worked out, somebody else does those things.”

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Judson Phillips Commentary: The Immoral Minority Strikes Again

Tennessee Star

  A couple of weeks ago, there was a protest in front of Senator Lamar Alexander’s Nashville home.  The group that protested is called, “Moral Movement Tennessee.” A number of years ago, the left decided they could make mileage by calling themselves, “moral.”  Conservatives have not seriously challenged the left…

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