Turkey’s President Formally Makes Hagia Sophia a Mosque

The president of Turkey on Friday formally converted Istanbul’s sixth-century Hagia Sophia back into a mosque and declared it open for Muslim worship, hours after a high court annulled a 1934 decision that had made the religious landmark a museum.

The decision sparked deep dismay among Orthodox Christians. Originally a cathedral, Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque after Istanbul’s conquest by the Ottoman Empire but had been a museum for the last 86 years, drawing millions of tourists annually.

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Police Investigate Prank Among Somalis At Memphis Mosque Where Someone Pulls Gun On An Imam

Police are investigating a prank among Somalis at a mosque near the University of Memphis, reports WREG News Channel 3. Overnight Sunday, someone pointed a gun at the head of a religious leader in an incident that was captured on Facebook Live. The man with the gun seems to be joking,…

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