Nashville Chamber of Commerce Could Push to Restructure the City’s Public Schools

Members of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce said they are displeased with the Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), so much so the schools might require a dramatic restructuring — at least at the school board level. Axios reported this week that chamber members might prefer to do away with electing school board members. Instead, local government officials could appoint them.

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Nashville Chamber Calls on Metro Council to Vote For Mayor Cooper’s 32 Percent Tax Hike

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce wants Davidson County residents’ property taxes to be hiked 32 percent.

The chamber is urging the Metro Council to vote for Mayor John Cooper’s budget that includes a 32 percent property tax increase, the Nashville Business Journal reported.

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Rail Line Could Make Nashville Budget Sick, Unable To Fund Retiree Insurance

Retired Metro Nashville employees’ benefits are in jeopardy, one PAC says, even as Mayor Megan Barry’s supporters have no trouble raising funds from the business community to try to persuade voters to pay $9 billion for a transit system. NoTax4Tracks says in a press release that Metro Nashville has a…

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Nashville Chamber of Commerce Brought Office of Refugee Resettlement’s ‘Building the New American Community’ to Music City Back in 2001

Tennessee Star

  With the Nashville Chamber of Commerce in a leading role, Nashville was one of three “non-traditional gateway cities” along with Portland (OR) and Lowell (MA) chosen for the 2001 pilot project funded by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) called “Building the New American Community, A Collaborative Project…

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Nashville Chamber Coalition Pushes Ahead With Study Examining Tax Revenue For Transit

  A pro-transit coalition of business and community leaders backed by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce has begun the second phase of a project studying possible sources of tax revenue. In addition to raising the gax tax to fund road improvements, the IMPROVE Act recently passed by the state…

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