Nashville Metro Water Services Opens First ‘Net Zero Energy’ Building

Councilman Freddie O’Connell tweeted this week that Nashville Metro Water Services had officially opened its first net-zero energy building. O’Connell said the location was in Salemtown, where the Metro Water Service is also planning a new multiuse path. 

“The electric meter literally runs backward on a sunny day!” O’Connell tweeted. He added the price of solar for residential properties had decreased 80 percent in the past decade. 

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Nashville Electric Service to Start Rounding Up Customers’ Bills to Pay for New Program

The people who manage the Nashville Electric Service (NES) announced this week that they will automatically start rounding up their customers’ bills to the nearest dollar to pay for home energy upgrades for low income customers. NES currently has about 420,000 customers. The program, according to a press release, begins January 1.

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TVA Believes Nashville Will Have More Electric Cars, Despite Evidence to the Contrary

Taxpayers have paid millions of dollars to help electric vehicle manufacturers not only get their products out on the road but also furnish electric car charging stations all over Nashville. Prior reporting shows few people around Nashville appear to use these charging stations. Yet officials with the Tennessee Valley Authority…

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