Trans Women Will Help Oversee Nashville Police If Community Oversight Board Gets its Way

Trans women of color and formerly incarcerated individuals in Nashville, among other groups, must help city officials monitor members of the Metro Nashville Police Department, said members of the city’s Community Oversight Board.

COB members said this in a letter they sent to Mayor John Cooper this week. Cooper invited members of the COB to serve on a Use of Force Committee. COB members accepted.

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Nashville Felon Who Legally Wasn’t Supposed to Have a Gun Uses One in Alleged Carjacking Attempt

A man Nashville Police described as “a dangerous felon with a gun” allegedly tried to carjack a woman in Nashville, but police later arrested the suspect, according to a press release.

Jamontez Deshun Howse, 20, of Enchanted Circle, is jailed in lieu of $105,000 bond on charges of attempted carjacking, theft of a Cadillac Escalade, and theft of a .45 caliber loaded semi-automatic pistol that he dropped moments before his arrest, according to a Nashville press release.

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Nashville Police Morale Reportedly Suffers Because of Community Oversight Board

Nashville Police

Metro Nashville Police officers are writing fewer traffic tickets, and the city loses about $50,000 a month because of it, according to WSMV. “The trend began in August, not long after two key events: police lost their cost-of-living raises, and an officer became the subject of a TBI investigation after…

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Number of People Applying for Nashville Police Reportedly Falls Dramatically

In 2010 about 4,700 people applied to work as a police officer in Nashville. Seven years later the number of people who wanted to work as a cop in Music City dwindled to just 1,900 people. This, according to the website Oregon Live, which did a story about more and…

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Nashville Police Fear Loss of Rights Under New Civilian Oversight Board

In a referendum Tuesday, Nashville voters approved a civilian oversight board over police. One day after the vote, Nashville Fraternal Order of Police President James Smallwood said in an emailed statement it’s important this coming board not exclude the perspectives of law enforcement officers. “Although the FOP still believes that…

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Nashville Police May Get New Community Oversight Board

Nashville Mayor David Briley does not plan to fire Police Chief Steve Anderson. Additionally, a November referendum calling for a community oversight board over Nashville police is apparently still a go. This, despite the members of the Nashville Fraternal Order of the Police expressing disapproval with the proposal. According to…

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