Exit/In Owner Skeptical of AJ Capital Partners’ Promises to Preserve Historic Venue

Exit/In Nashville

The Exit/In owners are worried about the historic venue’s fate – they say that AJ Capital Partners hasn’t spoken to them since purchasing the property. They also say that the real estate giant’s recent statement promising to save Exit/In didn’t go into depth as to what “preservation” actually meant.

AJ Capital Partners revealed last week that they purchased Exit/In with the intent of preserving the historic venue. However, they didn’t clarify as to what that meant. Exit/In owner Chris Cobb told The Tennessee Star that AJ Capital Partners’ comments about the National Register of Historic Places weren’t comforting, because that government list doesn’t guarantee protection of the building or venue.

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The Art and History of the Lee Monument

Standing 21 feet tall on top of a 40 foot base and weighing 12 tons, the statue of Robert E. Lee and his horse is literally larger than life as the General presides over Richmond.

French Beaux-Arts sculptor Marius Jean Antonin Mercié cast the bronze statue in nine pieces – seven for the horse, and two for the rider, according to the monument’s National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) registration form.

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Eight Tennessee Sites Added to National Register of Historic Places

Eight Tennessee sites have been added to the National Register of Historic Places. Three are in Shelby County. They include the Rock of Ages Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and the Memphis Federation of Musicians Local 71 Building, both in Memphis. The Charles Davis House in Collierville was also honored. The…

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