University of Minnesota Will Cut Only Men’s Sports Due to COVID Financial Strains, Cites Title IX

The University of Minnesota (UMN) announced Thursday that it will cut four men’s sports due to pandemic-induced financial strains. Men’s indoor/outdoor track and field, gymnastics, and tennis will be cut after the 2020-21 competition season.
Comparatively, the women’s indoor/outdoor track and field, gymnastics, and tennis lost more money than the men’s teams: $4.8 million versus $3.4 million. Other women’s sports cost the school more. Women’s basketball, gymnastics, hockey, swim and dive, and volleyball alone totaled about $14 million in the red. 

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Three Hundred Female Athletes Support Idaho’s Barring of Biological Males from Women’s Sports

More than 300 female athletes are speaking out in support of Idaho’s decision to protect women’s sports from biological men.

Female professional, Olympic, and National Collegiate Athletic Association athletes on July 29 sent a letter to the NCAA board of governors asking it to reject calls from LGBT activists to boycott Idaho over its new law protecting women’s athletics from participation by transgender biological males.

“We do not want to watch our athletic achievements be erased from the history books by individuals with all the inherent athletic advantages that come from a male body,” Save Women’s Sports wrote in its letter.

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Male Women’s Track Champion Says Female Competitors Actually Have Advantage

by Peter Hasson   The male track athlete who won an NCAA women’s national championship denies having an unfair advantage over female runners. “If anything, me competing against cisgender females is a disadvantage because my body is going through so many medical implications, like it’s going through biochemistry changes,” Franklin…

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Nearly Four Dozen Arrested on Sex-Trafficking Charges During Final Four Weekend in Minnesota

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) arrested nearly four dozen people on child sex-trafficking and related charges during the Final Four weekend in Minnesota. The final games of the NCAA’s basketball tournament were hosted at Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings. The BCA, with the assistance…

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Brian Kelsey Resolution Calls for State’s Universities to Stand in Opposition to NCAA Prohibition on Compensation for Student Athletes

Tennessee State Sen. Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) has introduced a resolution in the Tennessee Senate calling for the state’s public universities to oppose the National Collegiate Athletic Association prohibition on compensation for student-athletes. Senate Resolution 22 says current rules by the NCAA violate the free-market principle of economic liberty and amounts to little more…

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North Carolina Avoids Major Penalties in Academic Case

North Carolina’s athletic department avoided major penalties when the NCAA Committee on Infractions was unable to conclude the university violated academic rules when it made “paper courses” available to the general student body, including student-athletics. The practice went on from 1993 to 2011 — the NCAA investigation was from 2002-11…

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