Nashville Officials Opt Not to Press Criminal Charges Against Justin Jones After Saturday’s Riots

On Thursday Nashville officials were about to press criminal charges against left-wing activist Justin Jones for alleged felony aggravated rioting — but later in the day they changed their minds.

A Twitter video showed a man during Saturday’s downtown riots jumping onto the hood of a police car while hundreds of protestors cheered him on. The man’s face is not visible to the camera. Seconds later a law enforcement officer tackled the man. 

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News Channel 5 News Director Appears to Contradict One Claim Phil Williams Made on Twitter About Cade Cothren Story

  News Channel 5’s chief investigative reporter Phil Williams’ own boss seems to have contradicted something Williams said Sunday regarding the series of reports he’s produced about Cade Cothren and Justin Jones. Cothren was Casada’s chief of staff before he resigned Monday. Jones, meanwhile, is a left-wing activist and Vanderbilt…

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