Vanderbilt University Medical Center Studying Ivermectin to Treat Symptoms of COVID-19

Woman in lab coat looking through microscope

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is studying the effects of three “repurposed” drugs in treating mild and moderate symptoms of COVID-19.

The study, in partnership with the Duke University Clinical Research Institute, will examine the effectiveness of Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine, or Fluticasone on the symptoms of the illness.

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Tennessee Man Participates in ‘ACTIV-6’ Study as Feds Work on Finding COVID Therapeutics

A Tennessee man who contracted COVID-19 recently participated in a study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) that seeks to identify and repurpose approved drugs to be used as therapeutics for the virus.

Brent Hendrickson is has now mostly recovered from COVID-19, according to News4, and had a unique opportunity to partake in the NIH’s trial of the inhaled steroid Fluticasone, the anti-depressant Fluvoxamine, and the Nobel Prize-winning anti-parasitic Ivermectin.

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