Nissan Moves Production Back to U.S.A. With Smyrna, Tennessee Plant

Nissan began efforts to move production to the United States on Tuesday by manufacturing the 2021 Rogue in Smyrna, Tennessee.
Nissan predicts the Rogue’s longstanding popularity will lead to its “turnaround as the company’s top-selling U.S. model,” according to their press release.

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Franklin Lands Mitsubishi Motors Headquarters With 200 Jobs Moving Here Beginning in August

  Mitsubishi is saying “buh bye” to California’s high taxes and moving its headquarters to Franklin, multiple media outlets report. Mitsubishi was one of two final Japanese car manufacturers to have its headquarters in California, CNET said. Honda will be the lone Japanese holdout. Moving to Franklin will allow the…

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Donald Trump Wants to Cut Taxpayer-Funded Program That Gave Money to Tennessee Nissan Electric Car Plant

U.S. Republican President Donald Trump has reportedly proposed a budget that would eliminate a loan program deemed wasteful. Some of the money from that program has gone to the Nissan plant in Smyrna, Tenn. according to The Detroit News. Specifically, Trump’s budget would eliminate what is known as the Advanced…

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Tennessee Officials Gave Volkswagen Huge Subsidies, Report Says

Tennessee Capital building

The state of Tennessee has thus far given Volkswagen $818.8 million in corporate subsidies, going back several years. Nissan, meanwhile, got $536.7 million. DowDuPont received $486.7 million in subsidies. These are among the latest updates from Good Jobs First, a Washington, D.C.-based policy resource center that monitors corporate subsidies nationwide.…

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Tennessee Businesses Step Up Efforts To Be LGBT-Friendly

  Tennessee businesses and corporations are yielding to pressure from LGBT activists to promote LGBT ideology in the workplace in the name of diversity. Nissan is now offering benefits to help transgender employees transition, and even Cracker Barrel is pro-actively seeking approval and recognition from the LGBT community. Cracker Barrel…

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Steve Gill Commentary: Crony Capitalism Drives the Haslam Gas Tax Plan

Tennessee Star

  The Haslam Administration is doling out over $113 million in tax CUTS to some of Tennessee’s largest corporations to justify over $350 million in tax INCREASES on working Tennesseans. According to the Times Free Press, just 24 large manufacturing companies will each receive tax breaks of over a million…

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