OH-13 Democrat Nominee Emilia Sykes Inserted Pay Increase into Legislation to Benefit First Responders Families

In 2018, as an Ohio legislative leader, OH-13 Democrat nominee Emilia Sykes inserted a pay raise for herself into legislation to benefit the families of fallen first responders.

Between December 2017 and December 31, 2018, Emilia Sykes served as the Democratic Whip in the Ohio House of Representatives. In the Ohio House of Representatives, the minority whip “is responsible for monitoring legislation and securing votes for legislation on the floor. The Minority Whip is elected by all members of the House and is responsible for monitoring legislation and security votes for legislation on the floor.”

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OH-13 Democrat Nominee Emilia Sykes Receives Donations from Pharmaceutical Companies

OH-13 Democrat Nominee Emilia Sykes has criticized Republicans for voting against capping costs for life saving drugs, and has promised to fight to lower drug costs but has taken over $12,000 from pharmaceutical companies that have raised the prices of lifesaving drugs, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On August 3, 2022, Emilia Sykes tweeted that as an elected official, she “will fight to lower the cost of prescription drugs.”

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Records Show OH-13 Democrat Nominee Emilia Sykes Has Only Held Paying Jobs at the Taxpayer’s Expense

Records show that the only salaried jobs that Ohio 13th Congressional District Democrat nominee Emilia Sykes has held have been funded by taxpayers.

According to her 2013 resume that she filed with the Summit County Fiscal Office when applying for a position, Sykes reported only having had two salaried jobs, which included work for the United States Bankruptcy Court in Cleveland, OH and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Atlanta, Georgia.

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OH-13 Republican Candidate Max Miller Has Nearly $1 Million Financial Lead over Nearest Competitor

Republican Candidate Max Miller has a nearly $1 million financial lead over his nearest competitor in the race for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District, as of the December 31, 2021 filing deadline.

According to FEC records, Miller has raised $1,828,312.50 and has $968,976.38 cash on hand in the bank. No other candidate in either the Republican field or the Democrat field have more than $15,000 on hand.

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Ohio Senate Candidate Jane Timken Pledges Support of Constitutional Amendment Against ‘Court-Packing’ in Wake of SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

U.S. Senate contender Jane Timken has formally signed onto efforts in support of  a constitutional amendment to keep the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court at nine  as the political left again attempt to expand the court’s membership.

Timken’s statement follows the recent U.S. Supreme Court “shadow docket” ruling not to immediately block a Texas law restricting abortion to the first six weeks has revived calls from political progressives to put more justices on the court beyond the nine set by tradition since 1869. The so-called “court packing” tactic first threatened in the 1930s New Deal era gained favor among the political left a few years ago as former President Donald Trump place three conservative/libertarian justices on the court.

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