City Officials in Ohio Inform Residents They Were Overtaxed for 15 Years

In a letter to Rittman residents, city officials announced that they overtaxed municipal income tax for the past 15 years, and refunds will not be given for all the years of human error because doing so would “bankrupt” the city.

In particular, Rittman has been collecting municipal income taxes for the past 15 years at a rate of 1.5 percent when the correct, permitted rate was 1 percent.

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Investigators Connect a Former Ohio County Employee to $1.8 Million in Stolen Public Funds

An investigation conducted by the Ohio Auditor of State found a longtime former employee of the Clark County Auditor’s Office stole over $1.8 million of public funds over about 15 years to pay for his own lavish vacations.

According to a release from Auditor of State Keith Faber, 64-year-old Robert Vanderhorst, a former employee of Clark County in Springfield since 1991, stole over $1.87 million of public funds in a scheme involving a fake vendor between the years 2005 and 2021.

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