State House Republicans Respond to Formal Announcement of Minnesota School Boards Association Withdrawal from National School Boards Association

Minnesota House Republicans responded to the formal announcement that the Minnesota School Board Association (MSBA) withdrew from the agreement with the national affiliate, the National School Boards Association (NSBA).

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Minnesota High School Threatens Suspension for Students Participating in Walkout Opposing Sexual Abuse of Students

A high school in Zimmerman, Minnesota threatened students with suspension who participated in a walk out on Friday opposing the sexual abuse of students. Sarah Ronchak, with Open Schools USA, told The Minnesota Sun that the perpetrator of an alleged sexual assault was allowed back into the classroom during his trial. Two girls that he abused now have to see him in the hallways every day.

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Minnesota Activist and Parent Groups Representing Thousands of Parents Sign on to Anti-Masking Letter

Girl with mask on and braids

Minnesota activist and parent groups that allegedly represent over 30,000 Minnesota parents have signed on to a letter opposing mandatory masking of children. The letter, which has also been used in Wisconsin to protest mandatory masking, was addressed to Governor Tim Walz and President Joe Biden. The letter was written and released under the group Open Schools USA.

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