Florida Middle School Teachers Encouraged Not to Share Student Conversations on Gender/Sexuality Issues with Parents

Emails show that the sponsor of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club at Montford Middle School – located in Tallahassee, Florida – advised a teacher that they were not obligated to share information from students related to gender/sexuality issues with their parents.

Stacy Thompson, the media specialist at Montford and GSA sponsor, was asked a question by a teacher after Thompson sought out volunteers to post “Safe Place” flags in Montford classrooms.

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Daily Caller News Foundation Interview: Iranian Immigrant Parent Dimis Christophy Encourages Others to Speak Out and Not Be Intimidated

  The Daily Caller News Foundation interviewed Iranian-Christian Dimis Christophy, a Loudoun County, Virginia parent who unleashed on his child’s woke public school board during a meeting on August 10th. TRANSCRIPT: Christophy: Just to clear up, I know, King and Queen are not pronouns. I get it. Okay. There’s a lot of people that go, they’re not pronouns. I know that. But you have to realize if because it’s not just pronouns. People are coming out telling me, hey I’m a Mermaid. I’m a cat. I’m a dog. I’m this, I’m that. Who says there’s a limitation on the pronouns at this point or what to be called? So I was like, hey, if that’s what you’re going to do, this is how you’re going to address my kids. And this is how you’re going to address me if you’re hearing my speech. And I said these are not your children. These are my children. My kids don’t go to school to sit in a classroom and the teacher be their parents. That’s not their job. And now this was a month ago, almost a month ago. And now we’re seeing stuff coming out on video. You have an Antifa…

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