Commentary: Florida Woman Received a $100,000 Fine for Parking on Her Own Property

Car Tire In Driveway

There’s nothing worse than when you’re having a bad day and come back to your car to find a parking ticket on your windshield. Except, maybe, if that ticket was for $100,000, and you got it for parking on your own property.

That’s what happened to Sandy Martinez, a resident of Lantana, Florida. Teaming up with attorneys at the libertarian-leaning Institute for Justice (IJ), she is suing the town over a parking violation fine assigned to her that totaled more than $100,000.

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Tennessee Star/Triton Poll: Briley On-Street Parking Meter Privatization Plan Very Unpopular with Nashville Voters

  A plan proposed by Mayor David Briley to privatize on-street parking meters in Nashville, which would include higher fines for parking violations, elimination of most free parking times, and expand meters into additional neighborhoods, is extremely unpopular according to a new Tennessee Star/Triton poll. The Briley plan is currently…

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