Pollster John McLaughlin Says That Election Polls Were Meant to Depress Trump Voter Turnout

Pollster John McLaughlin says that election polls sought to depress Trump voter turnout during the 2020 presidential contest.

“So, what they were trying to do was discourage Election Day turnout of Trump voters with really bad polls,” he said during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

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Exclusive: Pollster Explains His Finding That 10 Percent of Trump Supporters Lie on Surveys

The lead researcher of the study: “Are Election 2020 Poll Respondents Honest About Their Vote?” told Star News Network there are twice as many “shy voters” among the supporters of President Donald J. Trump than among supporters of former vice president Joseph J. Biden Jr. “The term ‘shy voter’ has…

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OFF THE RECORD: Post-Election Video Highlights Errors of Pollsters and Media in 2018 Tennessee Senate Coverage

  How can so many be so consistently wrong? Poll after poll, and pundit after pundit, claimed that the Bredesen-Blackburn Tennessee Senate race was “close.” It was consistently portrayed as one of the best opportunities for the Democrats to flip a Red seat to Blue in the mid-term elections. But…

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