New Study Challenges ‘Myth’ That U.S. Has a Mass Incarceration Problem

Inmate in prison cell

Prison reform advocates have repeatedly pushed the notion that the U.S. has a mass incarceration problem, but a soon-to-be released Heritage Foundation study casts doubt on that claim.

Left-wing proponents of criminal justice reform claim that masses of individuals, including an unfair rate of minorities, are languishing in America’s country’s prisons, but they do not take into account the vast number of crimes that go unsolved or the number of criminals who avoid jail time, according to the report. The data show that any mass release of the U.S. prison population would result in a high number of individuals convicted of violent crimes being put back into American communities.

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Liberal Pennsylvania Senators Want Solitary Confinement Abolished for LGBTQ People but Not for Straight People

Two leftist Pennsylvania state senators are reintroducing legislation that would ban the use of solitary confinement for gay and transgender prisoners but allow its limited use on others.

Senators John Kane (D-Chester) and Katie Muth (D-Royersford) sent colleagues a memorandum describing their proposal and bemoaning the effects of isolation on prisoners’ mental health. Their bill would limit to 15 days a period of solitary confinement for any of Pennsylvania’s 37,000 state-facility inmates. LGBTQ individuals as well as pregnant women, minors and those 70 or older would be shielded from any isolated imprisonment.

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House Committee Advances Bill Allowing for Early Release of Violent Offenders Through Earned Sentence Credits

The House Committee on Courts of Justice advanced a bill Wednesday that would allow for the early release of violent offenders by implementing a new earned sentence credit program.

The bill bars prisoners convicted of capital murder and most acts of violence involving minors from earning credits, but, conversely, includes first-time offenders convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping, carjacking, rape and child pornography, among others.

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Judson Phillips Commentary: The Left’s Next Target

Judson Phillips

You can reflexively oppose anything the left supports and almost never to worry about being wrong.  Unfortunately, many conservatives have fallen for the shiny object that is being dangled in front of them by the left called, “criminal justice reform.”

The American criminal justice system is not perfect and like any other system, there are always improvements and corrections that can be made.  Unfortunately, most of the reforms the left is suggesting make things worse, not better.

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Gov. Bill Lee Announces Criminal Justice Reform Proposal, May Include Free College Education for Felons in Prison

“Free” college education is all the rage, and now it appears that felons are joining in as Gov. Bill Lee proposes to use taxpayers’ money to pay their way to a degree. Lee’s plan could join other “free” education programs. In December Metro Nashville announced a program to spend millions per year offering “free” college to select students, building on similar programs like Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect. Lee on Thursday announced a number of changes to the criminal justice system leading up to his State of the State address on Monday. A press release on his plan is here. “We must significantly improve public safety in our state and I believe that starts with our criminal justice system,” Lee said in the press release. “We will focus on helping individuals to ensure there is a pathway to a productive life beyond crime and ultimately make our state a safer place.” Laine Arnold, Lee’s press secretary, did not reply to questions asking these questions: What is the total cost to implement the criminal justice reforms? Will the inmates pay anything? How much will taxpayers pay for the bachelor’s degree program at Turney Center Industrial Complex and high school education? Lee’s…

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Local Ministry ‘Men of Valor’ Expecting Record-Breaking Turnout for Annual Breakfast Featuring Grammy Artist Zach Williams

Men of Valor, a local ministry working with the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated in Middle Tennessee, is preparing to host their largest-ever Annual Breakfast Tuesday, where organizers say more than 1000 people are expected to gather for the once-a-year fundraiser. “We’re thrilled to have such a large turnout this year,” Men of Valor Execultive Director Raul Lopez said in a statement. “This breakfast has grown year after year, and the response shows that more and more people in our community want to get involved in our work.” In addition to important updates on the group’s plans to open a residential campus for newly released prisoners, as well as moving testimonies from some of the Men of Valor’s members, Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Zach Williams will perform his hit single “Chain Breaker.” “Men of Valor’s theme this year is ‘Together,’” Lopez said. “I’m convinced that by working together with faith leaders, elected officials, community leaders, and our army of volunteers, we will be able to help men reconcile with their families, society, and God.” The group notes that the recidivism rate for men who participate in Men of Valor’s Jericho Project – with programming both before release and up to a year afterward – is between nine and 15% – far lower than the…

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