Bolton: ‘No Illusions’ About Possible North Korean Missile Activity

The White House said Sunday it does not “have any illusions” about whether North Korea is preparing to resume missile testing, but refused to assess commercial satellite imagery suggesting Pyongyang is assembling a new rocket. National security adviser John Bolton told ABC News the U.S. watches North Korea “constantly,” but…

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Pompeo: North Korea Can Replicate Vietnam’s Ties with US

Mike Pompeo, Kim Jong Un

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged North Korea on Sunday to replicate Vietnam in forging a new relationship with the United States, much like Hanoi has done five decades after the Vietnam War against the U.S. ended. The top U.S. diplomat, visiting the Vietnamese capital after two days of…

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U.S. Officials Arrive in North Korea to Hold Talks on Possible Trump-Kim Summit

Tennessee Star

In a new twist to the ‘will they or won’t they’ saga of President Trump’s summit with North Korea–originally planned for next month–the Commander-in-Chief tweeted Sunday afternoon that a US team arrived in North Korea to plan for a possible meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. Our United States team has arrived…

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New South Korean Trade Deal and Progress on Denuclearization in North Korea Proves Tariffs, Sanctions and Pressure Work

By Robert Romano   In “The Art of the Deal,” President Donald Trump wrote: “Leverage: don’t make deals without it.” Three developments in the past week prove that President Trump’s approach to foreign affairs where he utilizes all the tools in his arsenal including tariffs, sanctions, and overall pressure — are…

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