State Representative Jerry Sexton Declines to Run for Re-Election

Jerry Sexton

State Representative Jerry Sexton (R-Bean Station) will not seek another term as a lawmaker in the state House of Representatives, according to a report from The Tennessee Journal.

The Journal detailed that Sexton informed constituents of his decision at a Grainger County Lincoln Day Dinner.

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Rep. Jerry Sexton Responds to Biden Administration Immigration Law Fails and the State Legislature Role K12 Curriculum

Monday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed State Rep. Jerry Sexton to the studio to discuss the failure of the Biden administration to enforce legal immigration laws and the Tennessee General Assembly’s role in K12 public school curriculum.

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Rep. Jay Reedy Joins Crowded Field in Running for State House Speaker

  State Rep. Jay Reedy (R-TN-74) told his House colleagues in a letter that he would run for Speaker. The other announced candidates for Speaker are Reps. Mike Carter (R-TN-29) of Ooltewah, Matthew Hill (R-TN-07) of Jonesborough, and Curtis Johnson of Clarksville (R-TN-68) as announced candidates for speaker, according to…

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‘Fast Eddie’ Smith Declines Dialogue With The Tennessee Star On His Transit Improvement District Act

State Rep "Fast Eddie" Smith

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – On Tuesday State Rep. “Fast Eddie” Smith (R-Knoxville), House sponsor of the Transit Improvement District Act, which is an amendment under “caption bill” HB2361, declined The Tennessee Star’s offer to discuss his bill as previously reported. With multiple unanswered questions and several proposed amendments, the bill was…

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The Gas Tax Increase Goes Into Effect Today: How It Happened Despite Record State Revenues

  The gas tax increase of 4 cents per gallon, which will eventually increase to 6 cents per gallon, as well as a diesel tax increase that will eventually reach 10 cents per gallon, both go into effect today, July 1, throughout Tennessee. The culprit for this tax increase is Governor…

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Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Boyd Is High Bidder For Custom Chair He Says He Will Put In The Governor’s Office

RUTLEDGE, Tennessee – Rep. Jerry Sexton (R-Bean Station), owner of upholstered furniture company Sexton Furniture Manufacturing, donated a striking, custom-made chair embroidered with the Republican party elephant mascot and the words “Grainger County Republicans … Always Right” as a fund raiser for the Grainger County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner held…

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FACT’S David Fowler Praises ‘Little Guys’ In Fight Against Gas Tax

  David Fowler of the Family Action Council of Tennessee has waded into the gas tax debate, writing in a blog post last week that while the issue is outside the focus of his group, it is “just too interesting to let slide.” “To appreciate what’s going on, you need to…

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House Transportation Committee Fails To Advance IMPROVE Act, Despite Multiple Tactics By Chairman Doss

  The House Transportation Committee failed to advance Gov. Haslam’s IMPROVE Act (HB 0534) on Tuesday, despite multiple tactics employed by Chairman State Rep. Barry Doss (R-Leoma), a vigorous proponent of the governor’s gas tax increase proposal, to accomplish that outcome. The committee voted instead to roll the vote over…

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Letter to the Editor: Today’s Shenanigans at House Transportation Subcommittee Deflate Tennessee Taxpayers

Tennessee Star

  Dear Tennessee Star, Conference room 16 was packed with an overflow standing room only crowd of “Ax the Tax” folks, and they listened respectfully to every word. The Gas Can Man was there bigger than life and getting all kinds of photo ops. Yet, in the end, the Tennessee…

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