Minnesota’s GOP Primary Races to Watch on Tuesday

Minnesotans will head to the polls Tuesday to pick their preferred candidates for the general election. Every seat (201) in the Minnesota Legislature is up for grabs this November because of redistricting.

The Minnesota GOP maintains control of the Minnesota Senate and could take back the House from Democrats.

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Minnesota GOP Representative Jim Hagedorn Dies After Cancer Battle

Minnesota GOP Rep. Jim Hagedorn has died after a two-year battle with kidney cancer, according to a statement Friday morning from his wife.

The 59-year-old had served in the House since 2019, winning a district that his father, Tom Hagedorn, represented in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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Minnesota Rep. Hagedorn Condemns Biden’s ‘America Last’ Policies After Visiting Southern Border

Rep. Jim Hagedorn slammed President Joe Biden’s “America last” policies after visiting the southern border last week.

“It’s like they flipped a switch and they had open borders. Before you know it, catch-and-release is back and people are literally, for all intents and purposes, being invited to the border because they know they’re going to be processed and then sent deep into the United States, and given a lot of free things as they go,” Hagedorn told Newsmax.

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