Rep. Jay Reedy Issues Statement from State Legislators to Mayor Briley: ‘Nashville Is Subject to the Laws of Tennessee: Sanctuary Policies Are Illegal’

State Rep Jay Reedy

State Representative Jay Reedy (R-Erin), the House sponsor of HB2315, the 2018 legislation that prohibits state and local governmental entities and officials from adopting sanctuary policies, issued a statement Tuesday afternoon on behalf of legislators that addresses Nashville’s continued flouting of both state and federal laws. “Nashville is subject to…

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Commentary: Why Educators Leave the Profession

Learning Policy Institute identified inadequate preparation, lack of support, challenging working conditions, dissatisfaction with compensation, better career opportunities, and personal reasons for why teachers change careers. From our own internal surveys “high-stakes standardized testing” is the number one issue educators’ mention to us is why they are dissatisfied with the profession.

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Commentary: Appreciation for Our Teachers

Most of us have at least one teacher that we cannot forget, a teacher who inspired us to be a better student and person. So this week, Teacher Appreciation Week, let us know about the teacher who made a lasting contribution to your life.

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