Arizona State Representatives Request Investigation into Transfer of Unclaimed Firearms to Ukraine

Two Arizona Republican State Representatives have filed an SB 1487 complaint with Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes requesting an investigation and report into an ordinance the City of Phoenix passed in June authorizing the transfer of hundreds of unclaimed firearms to the National Police of Ukraine.

The National Police of Ukraine is the national, and only, police service of Ukraine.

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Arizona Lawmakers Launch Committee to Investigate Free Speech at Public Universities

Arizona Republican lawmakers have launched a new committee to investigate the freedom of speech in Arizona’s public universities and to look into the events surrounding a program titled “Health, Wealth and Happiness,” presented by Arizona State University’s T.W. Lewis Center.

This follows officials at Arizona State University allegedly firing University administrator and Director of the T.W. Lewis Center, Ann Atkinson, for bringing conservative speakers Dennis Prager and Charlie Kirk onto campus earlier this year for the “Health, Wealth and Happiness” program which focused on professional development and networking.

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Bill Heads for Governor Hobbs’s Desk to Punish Those Who Own Childlike Lewd Objects

A bipartisan House Bill (HB) is headed to Governor Katie Hobbs’ desk, which aims to crack down on a disturbing trend of sex dolls that resemble children.

Under HB 2169, one of these objects is defined as a “doll, mannequin or robot” that has “the features of or features that resemble those of an infant or a child who is under 12 years old” and is “intended to be used for sexual stimulation or gratification.”

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Arizona Reinstates Drug Overdose Fatality Review Team

Arizona State Representative Quang Nguyen (R-Prescott) announced Thursday that his bill, HB 2194, to reinstate the Drug Overdose Fatality Review Team (DOFRT) had received Gov. Katie Hobbs’s signature.

“Prevention works and the data provided by the Review Team to help with that is essential to combating dangerous narcotics and overdoses,” said Nguyen. “Entities such as MATForce in Yavapai County, prosecutors, and the State Legislature depend on information from the Review Team to identify and implement recommendations to prevent overdoses.”

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Extended Good Samaritan Law Immunizes Arizonans Seeking Overdose Care

A bill extending the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose law from State Representative Quang Nguyen (R-Prescott) was signed into law by Governor Katie Hobbs (D) on Thursday, prompting a statement of celebration from the lawmaker.

“This is an example of good policy getting passed even with divided government,” said Nguyen. “Prosecuting people who seek or provide lifesaving assistance in drug overdose cases can have a chilling effect and delay or even prevent timely help during a medical emergency.”

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Arizona House Committee Advances Bill to Improve State’s Civics Education

The Arizona House Education Committee on Tuesday advanced a bill that will alter the state’s civics education requirements, mandating that students score at least 70 percent correct in order to graduate.

The committee voted unanimously to advance the legislation.

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