Tennessee Man Seeking Pardon from Donald Trump for Non-Violent Crime Has Changed the Lives of Troubled Youths

At age 30, Robert Sherrill had served his time for a drug-related felony and was out of prison, destined for greater things, but more struggles were approaching.

In 2015 Sherrill started his own company, Imperial Cleaning Systems, which he said reaches nearly $1 million in revenue with more than 20 employees. He published an autobiography, The Journey Back to Now.

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Tennessee Businessman Seeking Presidential Pardon Says Prison Was ‘A Wakeup Call’

As reported Saturday, Robert Sherrill’s path to redemption began on a bus ride to the federal prison facility in Forrest City, Arkansas. Authorities had convicted Sherrill of a drug-related felony.

At age 25, Sherrill had already resolved he wouldn’t die in a penitentiary, as his father did.

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