Citizens Groups Hold Rallies in Franklin, Knoxville to Declare ‘We Will Not Comply’ With Mask Mandates

Grassroots movements combating Tennessee’s never-ending mask mandates are gaining steam.

Tennessee Stands held a “Mask Free Tennessee Rally” Saturday on the Public Square in Franklin. A similar rally was held Sunday in Knoxville by No Mandates Tennessee.

Tennessee Stands organizers on Saturday evening posted on their Facebook page, “So thankful to all of the patriots that showed up today for the Mask Free Tennessee Rally today in Franklin! Our voices are louder together. We will not give in to the mob. We will not relinquish our liberty. We. Will. Not. Comply.”

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Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson Clarifies COVID-19 Mandatory Mask Order

Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson has clarified and/or corrected part of a face covering requirement he imposed on the county this past week.

As The Tennessee Star reported, Williamson County residents will have to wear masks or other coverings in public until at least August 3 to guard against COVID-19.

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Audit Reveals Theft in Williamson County Government

Williamson County Parks and Rec

The former assistant adult sports coordinator for the Williamson County Parks and Recreation stole more than $7,600 from that department over a two-and-a-half-year span, according to an audit released Tuesday. In their report, members of the Tennessee Comptrollers’ Office called out Daniel Lawson as the culprit. That money belonged to…

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