Ogles Receives Standing Ovation at Wilson County GOP Meeting for Stance During Speaker Race

LEBANON, Tennessee – Freshman Congressman Andy Ogles (R-TN-05) received a standing ovation for his stance during last week’s race for U.S. House Speaker at the regular monthly meeting of the Wilson County Republican Party held Saturday at the Music City Baptist Church in Lebanon.

U.S. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-20), considered the favorite to be elected as the 55th Speaker with his party now in the majority for the 118th Congress, had to go a historic 15 rounds of voting over five long days to be elected. McCarthy had to win over the votes of 20 Republicans who mainly wanted to change the way the House operates.

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Victor Davis Hanson Commentary: Joe Biden and the Uses of Nihilism

Chaos is the new, the intentional, normal. A pandemic of nihilism has been unleashed upon the land. As in Lord of the Flies, when laws, rules, protocols, traditions, and customs are mocked and dismantled, primitive human nature in the raw is unleashed. 

Madness now reigns in every quarter, from the iconic to the irrelevant to the fundamental. Statues of Lincoln, Douglass, and Jefferson are toppled or defaced. The rules of capitalization have been altered. We are told that 1619, not 1776, was our founding date—and this by a “civil rights” activist-journalist who had no idea of the date that the Civil War began.

Quite quickly after the revolutionary boilerplate, America began reverting to its natural Hobbesian or Thucydidean essence. If you dispute that, look at looted packages along the Union Pacific tracks in Los Angeles. Try walking the nocturnal streets of Chicago or Baltimore. Visit the sidewalk homeless of San Francisco. Fly over our constipated ports. Drive into our empty new car dealerships. Pull up to our European-priced gas pumps. Shop in the emptying shelves of our Sovietizing food and discount stores. The common theme of the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show, apparently, is that the entertainers must have written lyrics threatening the police, denigrating women, using the N-word . . . and be worth $100 million.

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