House Democrats from Philadelphia Tout ‘Sanctuary City’ Status as Illegals’ Bus Arrives

Democrats in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives’ Philadelphia Delegation on Thursday took the arrival of 28 illegal immigrants into their municipality as occasion to celebrate Philadelphia declaring itself a “sanctuary city.” 

State Representative Morgan Cephus (D-Philadelphia), chair of the delegation, also disputed the notion that the migrants bussed in from Texas should be deemed unlawful entrants, despite the fact that they crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally. He noted that they secured “temporary protective status” by U.S. border agencies. 

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Vaccine Promotion and American Rescue Plan Spending Highlight Metro Council’s Meeting Agenda

Metro Nashville Council posted the meeting agenda for its Tuesday, August 16 meeting, highlighted by a resolution accepting a grant to promote vaccines and resolutions spending over $50 million in American Rescue Plan funds.

RS2022-1708, sponsored by councilmembers Burkley Allen, Erin Evans, Ginny Welsch, Zulfat Suara, and Joy Styles, is a “resolution accepting a grant from the State of Tennessee, Department of Health, to the Metropolitan Government, acting by and through the Metropolitan Board of Health, to promote the proper use of all recommended vaccines and respond to vaccine preventable diseases in collaboration with the CDC and other partners.”

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Commentary: No City is Prepared for Sanctuary Status

As our southern border crisis rages on promulgated by a non-response to the issue by the White House and progressive policies encouraging illegal migrants to travel in caravans, our American cities are being left to deal with the aftermath.

Leftist leaders across the country decry that this humanitarian crisis is a result of Republican policies, but when push comes to shove, Democrat mayors are completely disinterested in their city funding resources for border crossers. Just this week D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked for the National Guard to be activated and has made claims that these migrants are being “tricked” into coming to her city. This is the same mayor who tweeted in 2017 that “DC is a sanctuary city!” and has poured $2.4 million of her city’s budget into a program aimed at protecting immigrant rights for those who are not yet citizens.

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Metro Nashville Council Again Defers Action on Sanctuary City License Plate Reader Bill That Legislative Staff Said Was Illegal

Metro Nashville Council deferred action to the second meeting in July on a proposed ordinance that council legislative staff said was illegal. In its current form, the bill would ban License Plate Reader use for cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This is the second time that action on the bill was deferred.

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Metro Nashville Council Defers Action on Sanctuary City License Plate Reader Bill That Legislative Staff Said Was Illegal

Metro Nashville Council deferred action on a bill on second reading that council legislative staff said was illegal. In its current form, the bill bans License Plate Reader use for cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

When the issue came up at the meeting, Councilman Mendes asked for committee reports. The requisite committees recommended deferring the ordinance for two meeting. Councilman Mendes then moved to defer consideration of the ordinance for two meetings.

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Metro Nashville Council Agenda Analysis Says Ordinance Proposal Banning License Plate Reader Use for Cooperation with ICE Violates State Law

Metro Nashville Council has published the March 1, 2022 meeting agenda and contains an ordinance that bans cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) using use of License Plate Scanner (LPR) technology.

The Metro Nashville Council legislative staff prepared agenda analysis, says that the proposed ordinance violates state law because it would create a sanctuary city policy, which is explicitly banned by state law.

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Florida to Appeal Federal Judge’s Ruling Declaring ‘Sanctuary City’ Ban Unconstitutional

Florida will appeal a federal judge’s injunction prohibiting the state from enforcing its two-year-old “sanctuary cities” ban.

U.S. Southern District of Florida Judge Beth Bloom Tuesday released a 110-page ruling declaring portions 2019’s Senate Bill 168 are unconstitutional and that the measure was adopted by the state’s Republican-dominated Legislative with “discriminatory motives.”

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Blackburn Demands Explanation on Decision to Fund Sanctuary Cities

Marsha Blackburn

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) joined 10 other Republican Senators in demanding Attorney General Merrick Garland explain his decision to reinstate funding for sanctuary cities and states.

The new policy enacted by Garland will reverse policies implemented under President Donald Trump with the goal of curbing illegal immigration.

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Commentary: Joe ‘Sanctuary City’ Biden

Drop dead. That’s the Biden administration’s message to victims of criminal illegal immigrants in joint stipulations submitted to the Supreme Court this month. The stipulations dismiss petitions filed last year asking the court to review two sanctuary city cases.

More on those cases later. In the Democratic fairy tale, sanctuary policies signal to victims of crime who are in the country illegally that they can work with police without fear of deportation — improving public safety. Sanctuary cities, goes the story, are safe cities.

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Ohio Town Announces It’s a ‘Sanctuary City’ for Historical Statues

The manager of a small town in Ohio has declared his municipality a “sanctuary city” for statues being toppled in other parts of the country.

A proclamation signed July 4 by Newton Falls City Manager David Lynch declares that monuments of the Founding Fathers and others will find safety in Newton Falls.

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Illegal Alien Wanted by ICE Arrested for Allegedly Abusing A Toddler After Chicago Ignored Detainer Request

An illegal alien arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a toddler would have been in federal custody had the Chicago Police Department in 2019 honored an immigration detainer on him and not release him back into the community.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged an immigration detainer for Christopher Puente, 34-year-old Mexican national living in the U.S. illegally, with the Chicago Police Department in June 2019 upon his arrest for theft. However, that detainer request was ignored, and Puente has since been charged with sexually abusing a child, according to a press release by the agency.

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Rep. Green Files Motion to Allow Victims of Criminal Aliens in Sanctuary Cities to Report Their Stories

U.S. Rep. Dr. Mark Green (R-TN-07) led a debate on the House floor Wednesday night against sanctuary cities, introducing a motion to ensure that the stories of victims and their families are told.

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Briley’s Sanctuary City Policy May Cost City $300K Federal Anti-Crime Grant

State officials are challenging Metro Nashville Mayor David Briley’s sanctuary city policy, saying the decision could cause the city to lose a $300,000 federal grant to process ballistic evidence, NewsChannel 5 said.

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Rep. Jay Reedy Issues Statement from State Legislators to Mayor Briley: ‘Nashville Is Subject to the Laws of Tennessee: Sanctuary Policies Are Illegal’

State Rep Jay Reedy

State Representative Jay Reedy (R-Erin), the House sponsor of HB2315, the 2018 legislation that prohibits state and local governmental entities and officials from adopting sanctuary policies, issued a statement Tuesday afternoon on behalf of legislators that addresses Nashville’s continued flouting of both state and federal laws. “Nashville is subject to…

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Briley One-Ups Cooper in Attacks on ICE as Nashville Mayoral Run Off Election Approaches

  The choice in the Nashville mayoral race is between incumbent Mayor David Briley, who is soft on immigration — and Metro Councilman John Cooper, who is soft on immigration. Michael Patrick Leahy on Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report weighed in on the mayoral debate: “So, the very, very, very, bad…

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Senators Blackburn, Toomey, Tillis to Hold Press Conference Today to Push for Act to End Sanctuary Cities

  U.S. Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Thom Tillis (R-NC) will hold a press conference today on their legislation to protect communities from violent criminals who are in the United States illegally. The Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act (S.1644) would put an end to dangerous sanctuary city…

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Cincinnati Mayor Silent on Trump’s Latest Sanctuary City Proposal

Cincinnati is one of two self-declared sanctuary municipalities in Ohio, but its mayor has been silent thus far on President Donald Trump’s latest immigration proposal. The Washington Post reported last week that Trump was reconsidering a plan to place migrants in sanctuary cities, such as Cincinnati and Franklin County. Trump…

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Minnesota’s Republican-Controlled Senate Introduces 91 Bills, Seeks to Punish Sanctuary Cities

Minnesota’s Republican-controlled Senate hit the ground running Thursday by introducing 91 pieces of legislation. Many of the items correspond with the top five priorities Republicans outlined at a Tuesday press conference, though there were several noteworthy outliers. Senate File (SF) 80, for instance, would impose “aid reductions” on sanctuary cities…

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GOP Rep George Holding Blasts Dem Opponent for Supporting Sanctuary Cities After Sheriff Attacked for Cooperating With ICE

by Henry Rodgers   North Carolina Republican Rep. George Holding went after his Democratic opponent for supporting sanctuary cities, after a sheriff in their district running for re-election faced criticism for cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Holding’s Democratic opponent, Linda Coleman, has continued to voice her support for sanctuary cities, despite…

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Nashville’s November Ballot Legislation Can Undermine Tennessee’s New Anti-Sanctuary City Law

On November 6th, Davidson County voters will decide whether to accept “Amendment #1” and establish a $1.5 million civilian board to oversee the city’s police department. The proposed legislation would establish a Community Oversight Board (COB) with very broad disciplinary authority over the Metro Nashville Police Department. If the charter…

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All Talk and No Action: Democrats Dream of Statewide Seats with Nothing to Show For It

Phil Bredesen, Karl Dean

On Thursday’s Gill Report – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 1510 WLAC weekdays at 7:30 am – Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill talked about Florida’s governor’s race and the trending phenomenon of Democrat leaders and the denial of their failing cities.  He was curious as to why voters would…

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Philadelphia Becoming Model City in Accommodating Islamists & Illegal Aliens


Earlier this month thousands viewed Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s “happy dance” over solidifying the city’s status as a sanctuary protecting criminal illegal aliens. Two years ago, Kenney took the lead to help the Philly Eid Coalition achieve its goal of adding two Muslim holidays to the school district calendar relying…

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GOP Senate Nominee in PA Blasts Democrat Bob Casey Over Celebration of Philadelphia’s Sanctuary City Status

Lou Barletta, Bob Casey

Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA), who is running for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania blasted both the mayor of Philadelphia and his own opponent, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), over a viral video of the mayor dancing as Philadelphia joined the ranks of sanctuary cities which give safe harbor to illegal immigrants,…

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Haslam Passes Sanctuary City Bill Without Signing; Boyd, Who Claims He’s Against Sanctuary Cities, Wouldn’t Ask Him to Sign

Randy Boyd and Bill Haslam

Governor Haslam announced today that instead of signing or vetoing the anti-sanctuary city bill he will allow it to become law without his signature: I could sign it but that would mean that I agree that we have an issue around sanctuary cities. In that regard, intentionally or not, the…

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Nashville’s City Council, School Board and Mayoral Candidate Erica Gilmore Want All Tennesseans to Keep Paying for Nashville’s Illegal Aliens

Erica Gilmore

Predictably, Nashville’s Metro Council, school board and mayoral candidate Erica Gilmore want Governor Haslam to veto HB2315, the anti-sanctuary city legislation sitting on his desk. Nashville’s leadership wants the Governor to protect criminal illegal aliens. But Nashville’s advocacy for illegal aliens goes further, wanting all Tennessee taxpayers to continue sharing the…

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Diane Black: ‘Uncouple Tennessee’ From Illegal Immigration

In a straightforward statement today, GOP gubernatorial candidate Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) said “we need to uncouple illegal immigration and Tennessee”: The recent arrest of illegal aliens working at the Bean Station slaughterhouse is a red flag that Tennessee has been allowed to become a magnet for illegal aliens despite an…

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TIRRC Using Reckless Disinformation Campaign on Sanctuary Bill to Create Hysteria in Immigrant Communities

Renata Soto of TIRRC exaggerates HB2315 provisions

The TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) is using a reckless and manipulative disinformation campaign filled with untruths about the anti-sanctuary city bill creating cruel and needless hysteria among legal immigrants and illegal alien communities  in Tennessee. The Soros-funded TIRRC is employing a predictable tactic of the open-borders left…

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Fayette County Republican Party Adopts Resolution Supporting Green-Reedy Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

The Fayette County Republican Party is the first county political organization to adopt a Resolution supporting the Green-Reedy Anti-Sanctuary City bill. They have transmitted their resolution to Governor Haslam’s office with the following message: “As fellow Republicans, we respectfully ask that you please sign the bill that overwhelmingly passed in…

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Harwell, Like Boyd, Supported Elevating Political Influence of Current Chairman of National Council of La Raza

Beth Harwell, Renata Soto, Randy Boyd

After Renata Soto, founder and director of Nashville-based Conexion Americas became a leader in the National Council of La Raza, both GOP gubernatorial candidates Beth Harwell and Randy Boyd, helped elevate her influence in political circles. The Tennessee Judicial Council first appointed Soto to the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC)…

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Randy Boyd Is Silent As Far Left and Big Business Interests Push Gov. Haslam to Veto Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

Randy Boyd and Bill Haslam

The anti-sanctuary city legislation sponsored by State Sen. Mark Green (R-Clarksville) and State Rep. Jay Reedy (R-Erin) and passed overwhelmingly by the Tennessee General Assembly has been signed by Speaker of the House Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) and on Thursday was formally transmitted to…

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Tennessee Does Have Sanctuary Cities and Needs the New Law to Stop Them, FAIR Says

Knoxville Memphis Nashville

A new report issued by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), documents that Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville have been able to effectively operate as sanctuary cities by putting in place practices that skirt Tennessee’s 2009 law because it only prohibits written policies or ordinances. Comments made by Shelby County Commissioner Mark Billingsley during…

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New Randy Boyd Ad Focuses on Immigration: ‘Illegal Is Illegal,’ Build the Trump Wall, and No Licenses for Special Benefits for Illegals

Randy Boyd

A new Randy Boyd television ad airing across the state starting Monday hits hard on the issue of illegal immigration with “professional politicians” in Washington getting the blame. “Illegal is illegal,” Boyd says in the ad, which specifically pledges Boyd’s support for President Trump’s border wall, opposition to sanctuary cities,…

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Trained By Tennessee Socialist Organization, TIRRC is Begging Gov. Haslam to Veto Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

Tennessee Star

The innocuous sounding Highlander Research and Education Center located in Jefferson County, Tennessee, is dedicated to creating radical activists that will change the social, economic and political order of the South. Beginning in 2007, the Center provided critical training to leaders and members from the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC),…

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Shelby County Commissioner Billingsley Suggests County Already Operating As a Sanctuary City

Waiting until only eight of the Shelby County Commissioners were still present to conduct business on Monday, Shelby County Commissioner Mark Billingsley introduced a resolution urging Governor Haslam to veto the anti-sanctuary city bill that was passed with overwhelming majorities in both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly. In discussing his…

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Tennessee General Assembly Passes Immigration Bills That Help Governor Fulfill Campaign Promises to Voters

Gov. Bill Haslam in 2010 & 2018

Running right up to the last hours of the 110th Tennessee General Assembly, legislators passed two related immigration bills by wide margins that help the Governor fulfill campaign promises he made during his first run for office. In 2009, gubernatorial candidate Bill Haslam told voters that if elected, his top…

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State Sen. Todd Gardenhire Says ‘It’s Not the White Parents That Show Up to Be with the Kids, It’s Not the African American Parents That Show Up with the Kids’

During Tuesday’s debate on SB2333 sponsored by State Sen. Mark Green (R-Clarksville) that would prohibit local jurisdictions from creating their own identity card programs, State Sen. Todd Gardenhire (R-Chattanooga) offered an amendment addressing parent access to schools. The local identity cards, also called municipal IDs, have been made available to illegal…

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Tennessee General Assembly Passes Aggressive Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

State Sen Mark Green w State Rep Jay Reedy

Repeated efforts by House members to derail the anti-sanctuary city bill were unable to stop it from passing on a 64 – 23 vote. Bill sponsor Rep. Jay Reedy carefully explained that sanctuary policies are intended to obstruct cooperation with federal immigration authorities and that these policies protect people who…

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Vocal House Democrats & Certain Republicans Voted to Stop Sanctuary Cities in 2009, But Now They Are For Them

State Rep Charles Sargent

Some of the most vocal House Democrats and Republicans trying to kill this session’s anti-sanctuary city bill sponsored by State Rep. Jay Reedy (R-Erin) had, in 2009, voted “yes” to pass a bill that prohibited establishing sanctuary cities in Tennessee. The 2009 bill passed the House with a 80 yes…

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Retiring House Members Throw Curveball at Harwell’s Bid for Governor

In an unexpected turn during the House Finance Committee yesterday, two long-time supporters of Speaker Beth Harwell, voted against the anti-sanctuary city bill which 67 members of her Republican caucus is co-sponsoring. Finance Committee Chairman Rep. Charles Sargent (R-Franklin) and Rep. Steve McDaniel (R-Parkers Crossroads), both listed as co-sponsors of…

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Leftist Legislators and TIRRC Want Criminal Aliens in Tennessee Shielded From Deportation

Jason Powell

Leftist legislators and the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) have doggedly tried to stop the anti-sanctuary city bill from moving forward in the legislative process. To date, however, amendments designed to gut or undermine the bill’s objectives have been defeated and misleading arguments offered by opponents have been rejected.…

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Anti-Sanctuary City Legislators Hold Their Ground in Committee to Move Strong Bill Toward Full House for Vote

State Rep Jay Reedy

After an hour of debate rehashing Rep. Jay Reedy’s anti-sanctuary city bill, including more testimony in opposition from the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) and procedural moves by Democrat Jason Powell to “gut” the bill, 6 of the 7 Republican members of the House State Government Committee voted…

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State Senator Mark Green Bringing Strong Anti-Sanctuary City Bill To a Floor Vote on Wednesday

On Wednesday, April 11th, the Tennessee State Senate will consider updating and closing loopholes in the state’s law prohibiting sanctuary cities. Sponsored by Sen. Mark Green, SB2332 will make it harder to shield criminal illegal aliens in Tennessee. In June 2017, the Metro Nashville Council was working to pass an…

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California’s Orange County Continues Trend of Bucking Sanctuary Policies

California’s Orange County is preparing to follow in the city of Los Alamitos’ footsteps by defying the state’s sanctuary policies and supporting the Trump administration’s emphasis on immigration enforcement. Los Alamitos, located in Orange County, angered illegal immigrant activists when its city council voted last week to exempt itself from…

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Vast Majority of Tennessee House Republicans – 58 Out of 74 – Are Co-Sponsors of Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

Jay Reedy

Fifty-eight Tennessee House Republicans are named co-sponsors on the anti-sanctuary city bill HB2315. Adding the bill’s chief sponsor, State Rep. Jay Reedy (R-Erin), means that 80 percent of the House Republicans support strengthening and closing the loopholes in Tennessee’s existing anti-sanctuary city statute. (Seventy-four of the 99 members of the Tennessee…

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