Georgia Democrats Cry Foul After Republicans Add Trans Athlete Ban to ‘Divisive Concept’ Bill

Georgia’s Democrats are crying foul after Republicans added language to a bill that will ban biological males from competing in female sports. 

“In the final minutes of Sine Die, Georgia Republicans just squeezed in language that discriminates against trans kids to an already terrible bill, HB 1084. To target kids, to ban kids from playing sports, and to attack teachers at the same time. Appalling,” the Georgia House Democrats said. 

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Georgia Senate Passes Bill to Teach Only Racial Equality in Schools

The Georgia Senate passed a bill Friday requiring that school curricula only teach kindergarten through high school students that all races are equal, banning the concepts of Critical Race Theory (CRT) that teach students that races in America are inherently unequal. 

SB 377 says schools cannot teach “divisive concepts” to school children. It mandates the same for government agencies. 

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