Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Hosts Event That Educates People on How to Be Aware of Financial Fraud Schemes

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) held a FaceBook Live where they discussed how to be aware of financial fraud schemes. The group, hosted by PBS Book’s Fred Nahhat, discussed how to spot scammers, 

From 2020, Donna Lowry said that “the federal trade commission recorded more than 3.3 billon dollars lost to financial fraud schemes. It was up almost double from the year before.”

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Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Warns Citizens of Criminals Posing as TBI Officers in New Phone Scam

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) took to Twitter on Monday to let Tennesseans know about a current scam. The TBI announced that someone has been making calls claiming to be an officer with the TBI following up on a complaint and asking for personal information.

The TBI also said that the scammers have been ‘spoofing’ (when someone hides their actual phone number) their calls and using the TBI’s phone number instead.

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Ohio Attorney General Warns Against COVID-19 Vaccination Scams

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is warning residents to watch out for scams related to the coronavirus vaccine distribution that began this week.

Yost has said scammers could potentially impersonate distributors or other health officials to mine for personal information such as a Social Security number with promise of putting them on a list to get vaccinated.

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