Ohio Mother’s Group Against Legislation to Regulate Non-Licensed Community Midwives

A group of mothers and home-birth activists are speaking out in opposition to a bill in the Ohio legislature that would regulate non-licensed community midwives.

A group of 1,200 Ohioans, who call themselves Dayton Natural Parenting say they are watching House Bill (HB) 496 closely and are working with many Ohio midwives to spread awareness to their clients about the potential repercussions if this bill passes in the state.

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‘TikTok Channel for Cosmic Gendersmurfs’: Science Journals Bow to Woke Orthodoxy, Provoke Ridicule

Before “The Science” became the default invocation in response to criticisms of COVID-19 policies, scientific journals, academic departments and faculty sought to unshackle the discipline from its purported white male heterosexist biases.

With COVID mitigations receding from American public life, the earlier ideological battles in science are are now reemerging.

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