Mayor Cooper Announces $20 Million Plan for Second Avenue

Mayor Cooper announced this week his plans for restoring Second Avenue after last year’s Christmas Day Bombing. In both a statement from his office, and in a live announcement, Cooper said that his plan included a restored tree canopy, better sidewalks, and a nod to local artists. 

In the statement that was shared with The Tennessee Star, Cooper said Nashville Citizens turned a tragedy into an opportunity. “Our community came together, to create a shared vision for the future of our historic downtown. Generations from now, we want our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to look at what we created and say, ‘they did well.’ And that’s a destination we can only reach, all of us, working together.”

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Nashville Mayor John Cooper to Discuss Future of Second Avenue in the Wake of Last Year’s Christmas Day Bombing

Nashville Mayor John Cooper is scheduled to discuss the future of Second Avenue, nearly one year after it and several businesses got bombed on Christmas Day. Cooper is scheduled to join members of his Second Avenue Task Force at 10 a.m. Wednesday, December 8, at The Wildhorse Saloon at 120 Second Avenue in Nashville.

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