U.S. to Announce Major Shakeup in Military Ties with Japan as China Threat Looms

Navy Ships

The U.S. and Japan will announce a historic upgrade to security ties, including a collaborative military command, next month as the two former adversaries move closer together in determination to counter China, according to media reports published Monday.

Chief among the changes under consideration involves sending a four-star general, the highest peacetime rank, to head U.S. Forces Japan (USFJ) and jointly oversee a military command with Japan for planning and exercises, Reuters reported, citing two sources familiar with the discussions. Tokyo also hopes to establish a new Japanese Self Defense Forces (SDF) headquarters, whose head will serve as the Japanese counterpart to the American four-star, by March of 2025, the sources said.

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Sec Def Austin Back in Hospital

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was taken to the hospital again on Sunday afternoon, Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said in a statement, in a change after the secretary’s secret hospitalization in January triggered a firestorm of criticism.

Austin’s security staff brought him to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at 2:20 p.m. on Sunday for “symptoms suggesting an emergent bladder issue,” the statement read. The secretary will retain his duties, although the statement pointed out that Austin’s deputy, the top U.S. military officer, the White House staff and other officials have been notified within hours, a major break from January when key national security officials did not know of his absence.

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Lloyd Austin Released from Hospital in Latest Development in Prostategate

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was discharged from the hospital on Monday more than two weeks after his undisclosed hospitalization following complications from surgery to treat prostate cancer in December, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Austin was transported in an ambulance to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Jan. 1 after experiencing nausea and severe pain in his legs and abdominal area, roughly one week after undergoing a non-invasive surgery to treat prostate cancer, sparking concerns Austin’s whereabouts could weaken the administration’s ability to respond to global threats. Austin was discharged Monday after consultation with his providers and will continue conducting his duties remotely from his home until he returns to the Pentagon, the Department of Defense (DOD) said in an emailed statement on Monday.

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Lawmakers, Veterans Say ‘Woke Diversity Initiatives’ Cost Taxpayers, Hurt Military

A growing concern about progressive ideology on race and gender at all levels of the U.S. military has sparked outrage and became the center of a Congressional hearing. Critics have launched a barrage of attacks on the progressive ideology they say is infiltrating the ranks, calling it a waste of taxpayer dollars and arguing it hurts morale, breeds division among troops, and hurts recruitment.

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