GOP Spokeswoman: Biden’s Removing Columbia’s Castro-Linked FARC from Terrorist List ‘Legitimized and Emboldened Terrorists’

  The communications director of the Republican National Committee blasted President Joseph R. Biden’s Jr.’s removing today the Marxist guerillas fighting under the name Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, and undermining the democratic government of Columbia. “Biden’s decision has legitimized and emboldened terrorists who have murdered, kidnapped, and…

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GOP Senate Campaign Committee Denies Recruiting Arizona Gov. Ducey for Mark Kelly Challenge

The communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee denied rumors to the Arizona Sun Times that the NRSC chairman, Sen. Richard L. “Rick” Scott (R.-Fla.), is recruiting Arizona Gov. Douglas A. “Doug” Ducey Jr., to run against Democrat Sen. Mark E. Kelly.

“I think your questions reflect a misunderstanding with what the NRSC does and what Chairman Scott does in terms of recruiting,” said Chris Hartline, who before becoming NRSC communications director, worked in a similar capacity on Scott’s Senate staff.

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